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What People Are Saying About Keynote Speaker LaTarsha

When LaTarsha speaks, she speaks with passion and a fire in her voice. There is a confidence in her that’s comes out from the first word. After hearing LaTarsha speak I feel empowered, excited, and eager to do more with my life due to her igniting a fire in me to want more for myself. 

Quiana C., Real Estate Investor

LaTarsha is a pioneer of our generation utilizing astute teachings. When she speaks, we undoubtedly know her diction is consumed with love, integrity, depth, and transparency. I love that she epitomizes “Teaching what you’ve learned and earned”.

Christian C., Business Owner

When LaTarsha speaks, she keeps people intrigued with the great points she will gives. She also keeps the the audience engaged.

Nelle H., Realtor

I have had the pleasure of hearing LaTarsha  speak on several occasions. I consider her to be a great orator and she connects well with her audience.

Lisa S., Motivational Speaker

LaTarsha Shine is truly anointed to speak every time she opens her mouth. She has inspired me to walk with my head held high because everything is working for my good.

Nikki K., Business Owner

LaTarsha is an awesome speaker who helps bring understanding and clarity. I have accomplished major goals through applying the techniques LaTarsha has taught. I never imagined I could succeed as a business owner until I applied her methods.

Oneka S., Business Owner

LaTarsha is very easy to understand and follow. It is very apparent that she researches and has a good understanding of the topics. She always provides good details and examples that help make the topic easier to comprehend.

Mikayla M.

LaTarsha is such a dynamic speaker. She always delivers the material or lesson with such passion. I am always able to take away points from her lesson and apply them to my situation. LaTarsha is very engaging and makes learning the material fun and not mundane.

Latonya C., Realtor

Wow! LaTarsha's speaking has  really impacted my life and motivated me to take my business seriously, stop treating it like a side hustle, and elevate to the next level of success. 

Hillary D., Business Owner

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